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Looking for somewhere to store your classic, muscle car or exotic vehicle? DFW Elite Car Storage offers a state of the art facility perfect for storing your vehicle! Minutes from DFW International Airport, Downtown Fort Worth and Downtown Dallas, it's the perfect solution to your storage needs! More about Dallas car storage for your collector car

What is Auto Detailing?

Dallas Elite Auto Detailing

For us, it means getting a car into as near the same condition as it was when it sat in a new car dealership.

We do a lot more than give a car wash or apply a little car polish. We offer a unique auto detailing service that uses our trademarked toothbrush cleaning system.

Visit www.DallasEliteAutoDetailing.com for more information.

We're no Jonny-come-lately to the car business.. We've had the same car business license since 1977, so you are trusting true professionals to give your pride a joy a thorough auto detail.

You've likely had your car "detailed" many times, but I am guessing you've never had it as clean as it was when it was new. We can't make it new, but we can make it darn close by using the best detail products and car cleaners.

Almost any good detailing shop can do a basic car hand wash. Anyone can give a car a wash, polish, and wax, making it shine like new money, but we clean all the places that they miss. We will clean your vehicles so thoroughly that they will feel new. There is nothing quite like that "new car" feeling.

If your car wasn't cleaned and detailed with a toothbrush, it's likely not even close to the standard we deliver to our clients with our toothbrush detailing service.

Check out our car wash and detail area. It doesn't resemble what you expect to find at a detail shop. Because of all the extra lighting, it looks more like a computer clean room or sterile area in a hospital.

How to Polish a Car

That's the basic level of knowledge detailers have to have. At our shop, they need to know how to polish a car so that it is ready for an elite car show. They need to know all the spots that regular detailers miss, so that we can deliver a super detail.

The detail you get from us uses the best equipment and products and requires more gear than a mobile detail service can deliver. You'll see the difference when you get your ride back from our shop. The kind of attention to detail that our cleaning techs exhibit delivers a clean that goes beyond what you get at a waterless car wash.

Try us and you'll see the difference. We clean places that other detailers miss:

  • All those pesky cubbyholes and door pockets on the interior
  • In the spare tire hole
  • In trucks, we clean wall to wall and top to bottom, including the sidewalls, where the dead crickets and candy wrappers are. No matter where the grime and mud hides, we'll find it and remove it.
  • When we detail an engine, we actually detail the engine accessories, the frame rails, the radiator support, and the coolant and other fluid bottles and areas.
  • In the gas filler area, our detailers will take a toothbrush to the hinges and the area around the filler neck. It will be clean enough to eat off.

These are just a few of the areas we clean that will make your car really stand out from all others, whether at a local car club meeting or for sale.

Engine Cleaning

Look at our before and after car wash pictures. The cost of our car wash and wax service is a small price to pay to make your car sell for more and faster. If that's your goal, we can help give your car the car polishing and best car wash to make sure you get great return on investment. We have been detailing cars for years.

We encourage you to come by and check out our facility. The owner has been in the car business with the same dealer license since 1977, and you can bet he's restored a few cars and shown a few cars, so he understands how to make a car look the way you expect.

While your car is here for engine cleaning, ask your detailer about other services like car interior cleaning, wheel repair, paint touch up, painting brackets or other areas like wheel wells that are just corroded or ugly. We can also arrange upholstery repair, and replacing the clips and screws that are missing. Our service is definitely different than other detail shops you've been to, and you will know as soon as you walk in for a car wash detail or any other service.

Call and make an appointment to get the spa treatment for your vehicle or just drop in to see the auto car detailing facility.

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