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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Exotic & Luxury Car Rentals


Why choose DFWEliteAutoRental.com?

We have the best selectionÖthe best pricesÖand the best service in the Metroplex. Our professional staff is committed to your comfort and safety. We want your businessÖtime and time again! For information on our White Glove Service, which differentiates us from competitors, click here.

Do you really have the cars you advertise?

Because of the cost of maintaining a fleet of such vehicles, many agencies borrow cars from other markets. This makes it hard to promise or guarantee reservations and almost impossible to control the quality of the vehicles. What we advertise is generally available, but when itís not, we will tell you so, and hope to offer you a comparable or upgrade vehicle at the same price! Our fleet is in our physical showroom. If you have concerns about the availability of our cars, please make a visit, and compare us to others in the marketplace. We look forward to your personal visit. Our owner has been serving the automotive needs of North Texas for over 30 years from the same location, and had the same Texas Dealerís license since 1977. Also, because of our success and proven staying power, we have a full staff to serve your needs. Again, we look forward to your visit, and encourage you to compare our fleet, our staff and our facility to others in the marketplace.

How are rentals priced?

All rental rates are based on a 24 hour period depending on whether the vehicle is rented on a weekday or on a weekend day. Click here for our specials and discounted pricing. Call for longer rental availability and pricing. Discounts and other special offers may not be combined. The discount or offer resulting in lowest price to the renter will be applied.

What is the difference between a weekday and weekend rental?

Different rates apply to weekdays and to weekend days.

How long before a rental must I make the reservation?

You should contact us and make a prepaid rental as soon as you confirm the date you will require the vehicle.

Can I reserve a vehicle at the last minute?

Last minute reservations are handled at the discretion of DFW Elite Auto Rental.com. We MUST be able to contact your insurance agent to confirm coverage. This may be difficult if the rental falls on a weekend. Our cars are delivered fully detailed and in pristine condition. There may be a delay while the vehicle is being prepared.

Do I qualify if I donít have adequate insurance coverage?

No. You MUST provide the proper coverage through your carrier. We will call your agent or carrier to verify that you have adequate physical liability coverage. You or your insurance company must provide us with a copy of your current insurance card. For weekend rentals, we suggest you reserve during the week as we may not be able to contact your agent on the weekend.

Are additional drivers allowed?

Additional drivers are allowed but must meet the same criteria as the primary driver. There will be a $50 administrative fee for each additional driver.

May my prepaid rental be all in cash?

No. Your prepaid rental and rental payment must be charged to an approved credit card.

Do you accept debit cards?

Yes. You must leave us the contact information for your bank so we may release funds when your rental is complete. We do charge your debit card for the prepaid rental and rental charges.

How does the reservation process work?

Once you determine the date, contact our office and arrange for the required prepaid rental. If you reserve on our web site, we will call you within 2 hours (during the business day) to verify your reservation and get your insurance and credit card information, and to prepare for any special requests you might have.

Do you lease cars?

Texas law prohibits rental for more than 30 days on a single rental agreement. Some of our clients have kept our cars for longer than 30 days by executing a series of 30 day rental agreements. If you need a car for an extended period, we will find a way to make it happen.

Do you offer accessories with your vehicles?

We offer portable GPS systems for your convenience.

Are there penalties if I must cancel my reservation?

There are certain cancellation fees depending on when you cancel the reservation date. Please see our cancellation policy schedule for details.

Do I have to pay the full period if my trip is forced to end early?

Early terminations of rentals are handled in accordance with our cancellation policy. Please contact us for details.

May I leave my personal vehicle on your premises if I pickup my vehicle?

Yes, you may leave your vehicle on our lot. However, we are not responsible for damage or theft of your vehicle while on the premises.

Do you deliver cars to the airports and hotels?

Yes. We can deliver to most airports and hotels as part of our White Glove Service. Please see our delivery policy.

How much do you charge for vehicle delivery?

Please see our delivery policy. Other delivery locations may be arranged at the discretion of DFW Elite Auto Rental.com as a part of our White Glove Service.

What type of fuel should I put in the vehicle?

The vehicle must be filled with the 91 octane (premium) fuel (unless otherwise specified or diesel powered). Vehicles are to be returned with fuel level registering FULL. A refueling charge will be applicable for any car returned without proper fuel level. We charge the actual fuel cost, plus a $20.00 service fee.

How do I "make it go?"

When the vehicle is delivered you will be given a tutorial on the operation of the car as a part of our White Glove Service. The person delivering will be familiar with the features and unique operating techniques of the vehicle.

What should I do in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, you should first call 911. After seeking medical attention (if necessary), a police report must be filed for insurance purposes and your protection. Contact our 24 hour roadside assistance number promptly to report the accident.

What should I do in the event of vehicle failure?

Although our vehicles are perfectly maintained, they sometimes breakdown. If your rental car breaks down, call Roadside Assistance. Do not attempt any repairs on the vehicle.

How do I handle an extension of my rental period?

DFW Elite Auto Rental.com will do everything possible to keep you in the car of your choice. If the car does not have a previous reservation, we will be delighted to extend your rental period if possible. If the vehicle you are driving is subject to another reservation, we will do everything we can to deliver you a comparable or upgrade model.

What happens if I'm stopped by the police?

In the rental packet you will receive, there will be copies of the required documents.

How many miles may I drive the vehicle?

Each vehicle has a specified number of free miles per day included in the contract rate. Additional miles are charged as shown. Please see Rental Rates for details.

In what area may I drive the car?

The car may be used in a radius of 150 miles from delivery location. Furthermore, all renters must agree that they will not use the vehicle for off-roading, racetrack, or any illegal purpose. Please see our Rental Policies.

May I do a one way rental?

Yes, we do offer one way rentals. There will be a round trip, $3 per mile pickup fee.

Are the cars allowed out of state?

No. Please see our Rental Policies. Vehicles may not be driven into Mexico.

May I smoke in the vehicle?

Smoking may damage car interiors and is not permitted in any of our vehicles. If the vehicle is returned with any sign of smoking, there will be a $250 cleaning fee deducted from your prepaid rental. Damage from burns or stains will result in further charges. Please see our Rental Policies for details.

Will I be responsible if the car is returned with damage?

You are responsible for any damage done to the exterior or interior of the vehicle while in your possession. Please see our Rental Policies for details.

Who is responsible if a windshield or other part of the car is damaged and itís not my fault?

You are responsible for any damage incurred while the vehicle is in your possession. You are responsible for contacting your insurance company and filing a claim. Please see our Rental Policies for details.

How do I make sure Iím not held liable for previous damage to the vehicle?

Upon check in, each vehicle goes through an extensive process to make sure it has not sustained damage. When the vehicle is checked out to you, we will examine the vehicle with you to make sure you are satisfied with the vehicle condition and that all existing damages and defects are noted.

Are your cars for sale?

Many of our vehicles are owned by our owner (especially the classics) or our sister used car dealer, AAA Small Car World, and all vehicles are available for purchase. Please inquire.



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