Fiat Cars May Save Chrysler and Auto Jobs

The market for exotic cars has been hard hit by the current economic crisis, and the same is true for regular cars. Chrysler, which has been ailing for several years, recently allied itself with Italian automaker Fiat in the hopes that the combined forces of both carmakers will bring Chrysler back into the black.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler and Fiat must quickly produce a new line of vehicles. The first of these cars are expected to reach showrooms in the early part of 2010, but most of the new designs will begin appearing in 2011. The focus of these vehicles will be on fuel efficiency.

Fiat 500

(Fiat 500 photo by British classic car fan Dave7. See more of Dave’s photos in his Flickr photostream. Fiat 500 image licensed under Creative Commons.)

Fiat is known for its retro styling and its 500 minicar. Its famous Alfa Romeo exotic cars may also begin shipping in 2010. For fans of exotic automobiles, this is great news.

While the new models of the Alfa Romeo may not be available for almost a year, exotic car lovers are still finding ways to drive their dream cars. Exotic car rental, exotic car sharing clubs, and automotive dream tours are all great ways to experience the thrill of driving an elite automobile. All three options avoid the hassle and expense of owning an exotic vehicle.

Dallas car sharing club event

In addition to the high MSRP of most exotic cars, there are several other associated expenses. Maintenance of an exotic vehicle must be performed by fully qualified mechanics who know about the car, and insuring an exotic vehicle can be costly. In addition, many exotic car owners struggle to find secure storage for exotic vehicles.

For Chrysler, the salvation it’s looking for is more likely to come from the compact cars than the Alfa Romeo. Americans are more interested than ever in fuel economy, and as the global economic crisis continues, the initial purchase price is also important. People want to know that they aren’t paying too much for their cars.

Rather than importing the cars from Europe, Chrysler expects to convert many of its current North American plants to produce the new models. Those models produced here are expected to begin rolling out of factories in 2011, and the auto industry workers will be glad to see the new production.

Michigan, which was once the center of the auto industry, has the highest unemployment rate in the country. 12.6 percent of Michigan workers are currently unemployed.

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