Dallas Vacation Activities Include Fun Museums and DFW Exotic Car Rental

When people visit Dallas, they often are interested in exploring the assassination of JFK or the mystique surrounding the TV show “Dallas.” The city has dozens of museums dedicated to these and other fascinating subjects, as well as great opportunities for tourists to drive their dream cars.

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  • The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas is dedicated to the life and death of JFK and is located in the famed Texas School Book Depository building. Considered one of the best museums associated with Kennedy’s assassination, the Sixth Floor Museum features a corner exhibit overlooking the grassy knoll, the same view that Lee Harvey Oswald may have had on the day that JFK was killed.
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  • The Dallas Museum of Nature & Science is one of the oldest science museums in the country and features great exhibits, an IMAX, and a planetarium. The Eyes on Earth exhibit offers a rare glimpse of the sights seen by the many man-made satellites orbiting our planet.
  • Featuring thousands of automotive history-related toys and memorabilia, the DFW Elite Toy Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. The museum was founded by Ron Sturgeon, owner of a Dallas exotic car rental company and an exotic car club, and it has some fascinating exhibits, including rare German driving school models and a unique scale model of the Batmobile.
  • The Dallas Museum of Art is another great Dallas area attraction. The museum collection includes masterpieces by many of the great American artists, as well as European and impressionist works, non-Western art, and special temporary exhibits. Some of the artists featured at the museum include Georgia O’Keefe, Andrew Wyeth, and Jackson Pollock.

Besides fun museums, Dallas is also a great place to rent an exotic car. With sunny skies most of the year, convertible rentals are a popular vacation activity. The perfect weekend in Dallas includes renting a Dodge Viper or Bentley Continental and going from museum to museum seeing the amazing sights.

If you’re traveling with the whole family and need a backseat, why not try out a luxury car rental like the Mercedes S550 or Hummer H2? There is an luxury car rental option to meet the needs of any Dallas tourist, and there is a museum to meet those needs too.

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